Our Concept

PARASIM® Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator is the safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution to parachute training for airborne premeditated static-line and freefall operations and for aircrew emergency bailout and ejection. PARASIM® combines 3D virtual reality with validated parachute dynamics and realistic, instrumented controls, letting jumpers hone their skills on the ground before they ever take to the air.

Premeditated Jumping

PARASIM® provides a solution for airborne operational applications by enhancing training and mission safety and effectiveness. When properly implemented in training and planning procedures, this results in improved mission safety and performance.

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Aircrew Emergency

Emergency ejection or bailout from a badly-damaged aircraft is a life-or-death situation. It can happen over any terrain, in any weather, and under conditions that would keep even airborne paratroops grounded.

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